Artist Statement Lynn Redmond

I was so fortunate to get exposed to so many art forms in my progressive high school. When I started with clay hand building, I remember how much I enjoyed the process of trying to make something conform to my idea and see if you could learn to make that happen. This has continued to enchant me to this day.  Now after years of practice I can make whatever I can dream up within the confines of what the clay can do. It’s a kind of magic. I began in earnest  with birds  and l have expanded to all animals, real and imagined. I try to make the faces or posture of the faces or bodies expressive and sometimes humorous.

I have been influenced by early Latin American civilizations and later the Native Americans of the southwestern United States.

I have a BFA in An History.

My work is mostly slab built and fired to Cone 10.

The  places that carry my work are Porch, Summerland CA FoleyHome Santa Barbara, Ventura Potters Guild Members participating in annual Ojai Show.

My website

I can be contacted at or 970.948.7813