Artist Statement Lynn Redmond

I have been making art since I was a small child. It was one of the few things I liked about being in school. I was exposed to the arts and attended a very progressive art program.

I have a BFA in Art History. I have been working mostly in pastel and watercolor but the last few years I have gone back to ceramic handbuilding.

I love being in natural settings; the mountains, beaches, abandoned roads, skies and clouds.  I feel small and just a small part of our immense world. Why birds? Birds make me laugh.  Maybe it is their freedom that fascinates me. I love the way they dart and play.  Using my hands to create things allows me a certain solitude and peace.  I have been living in Santa Barbara since 2007 and have showed my work at the Carpinteria Arts Center, the Red Brick Center for The Arts, Aspen CO, and The Aspen Chapel, Aspen CO.

I can be contacted at or 970.948.7813